1 Multimodal Transportation Center
110 Hull and Hoyt OB
111 Barber and Boulevard OB
114 Old Jefferson Road
117 Vincent and Newton Bridge Hopehaven
118 Chase and Rowe
268 Athens Area Emergency Food Bank
269 Barber and Newton Brg OB
272 Jefferson and Vincent IB
353 Rolling Ridge Apartments
400 North Ave and Ruth St IB
401 North Ave and Strickland IB
411 North Ave and MLK IB
415 347 Prince Avenue
422 Denny Tower
426 Prince and Barber OB
431 Boulevard and Chase IB
451 Newton Bridge and Kathwood OB
1001 Ruth Dr and Artisan Pl IB
1009 Bobby Snipes Building OB
1010 Hull and Hoyt IB
10025 Barber St at Cleveland Ave OB
10026 Barber St Btw Oneta and Alexander OB
10070 Boulevard at Barber St IB
10097 Chase St at Miles St IB
10098 Chase St at Nantahala Ave IB
10099 Chase St at Oneta St IB
10101 Chase St at Winston Dr IB
10134 E Dougherty St at N Jackson St OB
10201 Jefferson River Rd at Camak Dr IB
10202 Jefferson River Rd at Sage Lane IB
10203 Jefferson River Rd at Southridge Dr IB
10204 Kathwood Dr at Club Dr OB
10205 Kathwood Dr at Cumberland Ct OB
10207 Kathwood Dr at Kathwood Townhouses OB
10248 Newton Bridge Rd at Fritz Mar Ln OB
10249 Newton Bridge Rd at Fritz Mar Ln IB
10251 Newton Bridge Rd at Paradise Blvd OB
10252 Newton Bridge Rd at Paradise Blvd IB
10256 North Ave at CVS Pharmacy IB
10259 North Ave at Spring Ct IB
10260 North Ave at Stonecrest Apartments IB
10262 86 North Avenue
10288 Old Jefferson Rd at Camak Dr IB
10289 Old Jefferson Rd at Floyd Dr IB
10312 Prince Ave at Pulaski St OB
10357 Vincent Dr at Acadia Way IB
10358 Vincent Dr at Chatham Dr IB
10360 Vincent Dr at Chesterton Way IB
10361 Vincent Dr at Derricotte Rd IB
10363 Vincent Dr at Winery Way IB
10431 325 Willow Street
10442 Dougherty and Jackson St Inbound
10445 Willow St and North Ave OB
10446 Willow St and Whistlebury OB
10459 Health Center OB 8
10460 Jefferson River Rd at No Name Rd
10461 Old Jefferson Rd at Jefferson River Rd
10462 Vincent Dr at Linnea Way
10464 521 North Hull Street
10529 Health Center IB 8
10530 Newton Bridge at Kathwood Dr IB
10531 Ruth St at Magnolia Bluff Dr OB
10532 Lake St at Northside Dr OB
10605 140 Barber Street
10606 Barber at Prince Avenue Inbound
10682 539 North Hull Street