1 Multimodal Transportation Center
57 UGA Main Library
63 Baxter and Milledge OB
64 St Marys Hospital OB
65 Alps Rd and Broad OB
66 Hawthorne at Salvation Army OB
68 Westchester Dr - Apts Rt 5
70 Westchester and Tallassee IB
82 Baxter and Alps IB
83 Baxter and Milledge IB
84 Hull St and Baxter St IB
101 ACC Library at 2025 Baxter Street
177 UGA Arch (Downtown Athens)
241 Correll Hall
413 Baxter and Alps OB
423 Oglethorpe Elem Sch OB 2
10002 Alps Rd at North Alps Square IB
10046 Baxter St Across From Clarke Central IB
10050 Baxter St at Church St IB
10051 Baxter St at Church St OB
10052 Baxter St at Clarke Central HS OB
10053 Baxter St at Collins Av Across Police IB
10054 Baxter St at Dudley St ACC Library OB
10056 Baxter St at E Cloverhurst Ave IB
10057 Baxter St at Finley St IB
10058 Baxter St at Lumpkin St OB
10060 Baxter St Btw Columbus and Collins OB
10061 Baxter St at Newton St OB
10062 Baxter St at Paris St IB
10063 Baxter St at Paris St OB
10064 Baxter St at S Finley OB
10067 Baxter St at S Rocksprings St IB
10183 495 Hawthorne Avenue
10184 415 Hawthorne Avenue
10186 Hawthorne Ave at Oglethorpe Ave Outbound
10187 Hawthorne Ave at Old Epps Bridge Rd OB
10188 Hawthorne Ave at Old W Broad St IB
10189 Power Shopping Center OB
10190 205 Hawthorne Avenue
10191 Hawthorne Ave at Edwards Dr OB
10244 Mitchell Bridge Rd at Tallassee Rd OB
10270 795 Oglethorpe Avenue
10271 1435 Oglethorpe Avenue
10272 1155 Oglethorpe Avenue
10273 Oglethorpe Ave at Forest Heights Dr
10274 Oglethorpe Ave at Ga 10 Loop OB
10275 Oglethorpe Ave at Gilleland Dr IB
10276 1005 Oglethorpe Avenue
10277 Oglethorpe Ave at Knottingham Dr OB
10278 Oglethorpe Ave at Resource Medical OB
10348 Tallassee Rd at Mitchell Bridge Rd IB
10404 Westchester at Tallassee Club Villas IB
10439 Baxter St and Across From Baxter Dr OB
10441 Hawthorne and Old W Broad OB
10450 Baxter and Clarke Middle IB
10451 Baxter and Baxter Dr IB
10452 Baxter and Bloomfield IB
10454 Wray St and Lumpkin St
10519 Baxter St at Rocksprings St OB
10520 240 Mitchell Bridge Road