57 UGA Main Library
59 Tate Center
156 Psychology and Journalism
158 Physics OB
159 Soule Hall OB
161 Coliseum OB
162 Aderhold OB
177 UGA Arch (Downtown Athens)
196 DW Brooks Dr IB
199 Soule Hall IB
200 Physics IB
201 Memorial Hall IB
354 The Redland Apartments
355 Aderhold IB
464 Snelling Dining Hall IB
465 University Village Building K
468 E Campus and College IB
10109 Intramural Fields
10319 Riverbend Pkwy at Players Club Apts OB
10320 Riverbend Pkwy at Riverbend Club Apts IB
10321 Riverbend Pkwy at Surrey Sq Apts OB
10322 Riverbend Rd at CCRC Bldg IB
10323 Riverbend Rd at S Research Lab OB
10324 Riverbend Rd at UGA Campus Mail OB
10325 S Research Lab IB
10468 The Redland 2nd Stop IB
10469 Riverbend Pkwy at The Club Apts IB
10470 The Club Apts 2nd Stop IB
10471 College Station at UGA Visitors Center
10540 Gilbert Hall IB