1 Multimodal Transportation Center
2 MLK and 3rd OB
5 Dept Of Labor OB
6 Athens Plaza OB
7 Danielsville and Fowler
8 Fowler Drive School
9 Fowler and Freeman
10 Freeman and Sunnyhills IB
261 Dogwood Apartments OB
262 Athens Tech OB
400 North Ave and Ruth St IB
401 North Ave and Strickland IB
411 North Ave and MLK IB
10144 1st St at 4th St Strickland Corner OB
10145 1st St between Wateroak St and Odd St OB
10154 Freeman Dr at Ashmore Dr 1st IB
10157 Freemen Dr at Ashmore Dr 2nd IB
10256 North Ave at CVS Pharmacy IB
10259 North Ave at Spring Ct IB
10260 North Ave at Stonecrest Apartments IB
10346 Strickland St at North Ave OB
10349 3rd St at 1st St Corner OB
10350 3rd St at John St OB
10352 3rd St at Pearl St OB
10428 E Broad and Willow St OB
10429 Danielsville Rd and Collins Ind OB
10430 Danielsville Rd and Highland Greens OB
10431 325 Willow Street
10432 Old Hull Rd and Oak Hill OB
10433 Old Hull Rd and Athena OB
10434 Old Hull and Recycle Center OB
10435 Athens Tech and 2nd Stop OB
10548 Trail Creek Village
10554 Freeman Dr at Stop and Shop