1 Multimodal Transportation Center
57 UGA Main Library
188 Williams and Oconee OB
190 Walmart
192 Gaines School and Cedar Shoal South
194 International Drive
197 Gaines School and Cedar Shoals
216 ACC Police Department IB
238 Busbee Hall
239 Performing Arts Center Inbound
243 East Campus at Cedar Inbound
321 UGA College of Environment and Design
343 110 Redstone Drive
344 1137 Cedar Shoals Drive
349 188 Williams Street at Oconee Street
448 1300 Cedar Shoals Drive
10031 Barnett Shoals Rd at Burger King IB
10040 Barnett Shoals Rd at Habachi
10069 105 Boulder Trail
10073 Cedar Shoals Dr Across From E Paces Dr
10074 1525 Cedar Shoals Dr IB
10075 1587 Cedar Shoals Dr IB
10076 Cedar Shoals Dr at Alden Ct
10077 Cedar Shoals Dr at Bayberry Ct
10078 Cedar Shoals Dr at Boulder Trl
10079 1395 Cedar Shoals Drive
10081 Cedar Shoals Dr at Crows Nest Ct
10082 Cedar Shoals Dr at E Paces Dr IB
10083 Cedar Shoals Dr at Essex Ct
10088 Cedar Shoals Dr at Shell Station IB
10089 Cedar Shoals Dr at Spring Lake Dr IB
10090 Cedar Shoals Dr at Studio Ct
10107 College Station at College Cir 1st Stop
10108 College Station at College Cir 2nd Stop
10112 College Station Rd at Mark Twain Cir IB
10160 Gaines School Rd at Briarcliff Ln IB
10166 1060 Gaines School Road
10168 Gaines School Rd at McDonalds IB
10169 Gaines School Rd at Hilsman MS IB
10170 Gaines School Rd at Hilsman IB
10192 175 International Dr at Reserve Apts
10194 210 Highland Park Dr IB
10195 246 Highland Park Dr IB
10198 110 International Dr at Polo Club Apts
10214 Lexington Rd Across From Cooper Rd OB
10215 Lexington Rd at Carmike Theater
10216 Lexington Rd at Cooper Rd IB
10217 Lexington Rd at Diversion Center IB
10218 Lexington Rd at East Meadow Dr IB
10219 Lexington Rd at Hughes IB
10220 Lexington Rd at Indiana Ave OB
10221 Lexington Rd at Johnson Dr IB
10222 Lexington Rd at The Oaks Apts OB
10223 Lexington Hgts 1st Stop OB
10224 Lexington Hgts 2nd Stop OB
10225 Lexington Rd at Lowes IB
10226 Lexington Rd at Mabry Dr IB
10227 Lexington Rd at Pinnacle Bank OB
10228 Lexington Rd at Reed St OB
10229 Lexington Rd at Seagraves Dr OB
10230 Lexington Rd at Shadybrook Dr OB
10233 Lexington Rd at Thorton Plaza OB
10236 Lexington Rd at Willowood OB
10263 337 Oak Street
10264 Oak St at Carr St OB
10265 Oak St at Poplar St OB
10266 235 Oak St at Poplar St IB
10475 Oconee St at Park And Ride OB
10493 Gaines School Rd Across Ponderosa Dr IB
10494 Gaines School Rd at Legacy Apts IB
10495 Gaines School Rd at The Pointe Apts IB
10497 178 Highland Park Drive
10498 160 Highland Park Drive
10499 1245 Cedar Shoals Drive
10504 Oconee St Across From Park And Ride IB
10505 Cedar Shoals at College Glen
10516 1195 Cedar Shoals Drive
10539 UGA Human Resources
10541 450 Balwdwin at Stone Mill Run