1 Multimodal Transportation Center
82 Baxter and Alps IB
83 Baxter and Milledge IB
84 Hull St and Baxter St IB
101 ACC Library at 2025 Baxter Street
172 Broad and Lumpkin OB
174 Georgia Square Mall
177 UGA Arch (Downtown Athens)
380 Broad at 2170 West Broad
408 Broad and Alps IB
421 Broad and Holman OB 2
436 Broad and Milledge IB
437 Broad and Milledge OB
438 Atlanta Hwy at 2636 Atlanta Highway
439 Atlanta Hwy at Athens W OB
537 Ultimate Drive
545 Clark Crossing Plaza IB
606 Mission Sqaure
607 Target
608 Atlanta Hwy and Epps Bridge Rd
10002 Alps Rd at North Alps Square IB
10009 3040 Atlanta Highway
10013 3400 Atlanta Highway
10014 Atlanta Hwy at Sr. Sol
10016 3650 Atlanta Highway
10019 3640 Atlanta Highway
10046 Baxter St Across From Clarke Central IB
10050 Baxter St at Church St IB
10053 Baxter St at Collins Av Across Police IB
10056 Baxter St at E Cloverhurst Ave IB
10057 Baxter St at Finley St IB
10062 Baxter St at Paris St IB
10067 Baxter St at S Rocksprings St IB
10178 Georgia Square Mall at Marilyn Farmer
10179 Georgia Square Mall at Rear Parking
10368 2434 West Broad
10369 W Broad St at Billups St OB
10371 2350 West Broad
10372 W Broad St at Church St OB
10373 W Broad St at Church St IB
10374 W Broad St at St Marys IB
10375 W Broad St at Evans St IB
10377 W Broad St at King Ave OB
10378 W Broad St at Magnolia Dr IB
10379 2226 West Broad
10381 W Broad St at Minor St IB
10382 W Broad St at N Newton St OB
10385 W Broad St at S Newton St IB
10386 W Broad St at S Chase St IB
10388 W Broad St at S Rocksprings St OB
10449 Atlanta Hwy Omni Club IB
10450 Baxter and Clarke Middle IB
10451 Baxter and Baxter Dr IB
10452 Baxter and Bloomfield IB
10454 Wray St and Lumpkin St
10466 1171 Mitchell Bridge Rd
10483 2950 Atlanta Highway
10484 W Broad St at Broadacres OB
10485 Atlanta Hwy at Budget Motel IB
10486 Atlanta Hwy at Bernstein Funeral IB
10487 Atlanta Hwy at Rivers Edge IB
10488 Mitchell Brdg at The Preserve Dr
10546 W Broad St at Billups St OB